what we do

Our mission

To declare the whole counsel of God and also to demonstrate the power of God to the needy world.

medical outreach

Our medical outreach programme provides compassionate medical care and treatment to those in need and excluded from healthcare. Each year our medics carry out thousands of consultations, treatments, surgeries and immunizations. We also work actively with local and state governments towards providing affordable and sustainable healthcare for the poorer members of the community.

To date, our medical outreach programmes have reached over 100 communities in both rural and urban areas in various states across the country providing medical assistance to those in greatest need.

changes implemented

  • Medical Outreach programmes carried out in over ten states to date
  • Provision of free medical care to over 50,000 patients
  • More than 200 surgical procedures performed on patients

education initiative

With the help, generosity and efforts of our staff, volunteers and benefactors we have been able to establish schools in four states across the country. The schools are located in rural communities that previously suffered from a shortage of facilities for the education of children.

Enrollment to the schools is open to children from the surrounding commuities and we work with volunteers from the local areas to increase awareness, confidence and participation in the schools as well as the benefits that can be attained. The schools are not run for profit.

changes implemented

  • Schools successfully established in Enugu, Lagos, Kogi and Delta States
  • Over 1,000 children in rural communities currently attend the schools
  • Increased student, parent and community participation year on year